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Are you looking for professional Carpet Cleaning in Port Macquarie?

Here at Port Crystal Cleaners we specialize in Carpet Cleaning in the Port Macquarie. We also provide carpet cleaning and other services to surrounding suburbs such as Wauchope, Bonny Hills, Lake Cathie etc.. We endeavor to complete each and every job with the utmost care and professionalism.

We are confident that we will be able to provide not only the best Carpet Cleaning service in the Port Macquarie Area whilst being Professional, Courteous & Efficient.

Carpet Cleaning, Like any other industry is reliant on quality equipment and industry knowledge. This being said we have invested in a state of the art, Truck Mounted carpet cleaning machine.We use only the highest quality cleaning chemistry to ensure that every carpet, rug or lounge will be treated safely and correctly to get the best possible long term result. Daniel Styles ( One of our Owners / Main Carpet Cleaning Operator ) has been trained by Nation Training who is one of the industries best.

We do not drag old portable carpet cleaning equipment into your house and generate a large amount of noise inside. We also place corner protectors around your house to ensure that our hoses do not damage any walls. Have to move furniture? No worries! We will gladly move your furnishing for you at no extra cost & we will ensure that they are coastered correctly to ensure that no damage is done to the carpet.

Due to the temperature of the solution we clean with, We can remove dirt, bacteria, soils and other contaminants that most others cant. As a standard we also use emulsifiers which will bring your carpets up Cleaner, Fresher, Softer and Dryer then ever before, This is another step that is either overlooked or just not achievable with old, outdated equipment.

36Carpet Cleaning Procedure

First of all we thoroughly inspect the carpet to ensure that we are using the correct equipment / chemistry. This is the most important step. Most carpet cleaners won’t even test your carpet to see what they are cleaning! Some carpet fibers are very easily damaged by strong chemistry and the utmost care must be taken to avoid permanent damage. We also allow sufficient ventilation to assist the drying process.

Before anything is started, we thoroughly vacuum the area which will remove as much dry soil as possible. We then proceed to spray carpet cleaning shampoo & odour neutralizer throughout which is left on the surface for around 10 – 15 Minutes. Which we are doing this we also treat any stains that may be on the carpet that the prespray may not remove.

Once this has been completed we then use our truck mounted machine to inject above boiling water in the carpet, Extracting the dirt, Stains & pre-spray solution.

While the cleaning is taking place we are also rinsing the carpet with an emulsifier which will allow the carpet to dry quicker, as well as leaving it cleaner & softer then ever before. This also assists in removing any residue that may be left behind which will leave your carpets cleaner for longer. Once completed you can expect the Carpets to be dry in around 2-4 hours depending on weather conditions, air flow, carpet type and a few other variables.


Carpet Cleaning Methods:

Hot Water Extraction – This is our most commonly used Carpet Cleaning Method. Hot water extraction or ” Steam Cleaning ” as it is informally known as is the extraction of cleaning solution with hot water under pressure. Our State of the Art, Truck Mounted equipment is the best that money can buy for this form of cleaning.

Encapsulation - Or Low-Moisture Cleaning as its commonly known as is fantastic for in-between routine cleans for commercial jobs. A Chemical reaction caused by friction causes body fats, oils & other common soils to be crystallized. Once this chemical reaction has occurred the crystallized soil is removed via routine vacuuming. Also when used in conjunction with hot water extraction can provide outstanding results for stubborn, trashed carpet.

Some of the Benefits of our Truck Mounted Equipment:

  • Above boiling water temperature ( 130 Degrees )
  • No Hot Water or Electricity Required on Site
  • Super quick drying
  • Last Stage Chemical Injection ( Used for specialised rinses & deodorants )

26Quality Doesn’t Cost More!

Many other Carpet Cleaning companies will give you a quote, Then upon arrival charge extra for Basic Stain Removal & Carpet Deodorization. We will provide this as a part of our service at no cost to our clients.

We will have the know how to easily remove everyday stains, However should you have a stain that requires specialist treatment. Daniel our Owner / Operator is trained by Nation Training in Advanced Stain Removal so rest assured you rely on us to treat the stain correctly and safely to ensure that no more damage is done.

Carpet Cleaners Port Macquarie

How do other carpet cleaning business’s in Port Macquarie match up?

Port Crystal Cleaners is regularly contacted by customers to rectify the carpet cleaning performed by extremely cheap carpet cleaning services. More often than not, the technicians performing the work are inexperienced, Untrained and uninsured. As a standard, You should ensure that your carpet cleaning service offers the following.

1 – A current, valid ABN

2 – Is trained & Qualified to perform the job correctly, Carpet Cleaning is quite complex and requires the right knowledge and experience to get the right results.

3 – Meets Australian Standards for the Carpet Cleaning Industry

4 – Are fully insured carpet cleaning business and can provide you with a current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability insurance

5 – Have up to date, Commercial grade equipment & Chemistry. Anyone can go and buy a $1000 Carpet Cleaning Machine and some detergent from a store, But will they get the results that you expect when you are paying for a ” Professional ” ?


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