Flood Damage & Restoration Port Macquarie

Flood Damage & Restoration Port Macquarie

Water Damage, Flood Damage & Flood Restoration Port Macquarie

Has your washing machine overflowed? Have you left a window open during a heavy storm? Port Crystal Cleaners specializes in Flood damage restoration & flooded carpet water extraction. Flood Damage is a very serious problem which can quickly lead to damaged carpets, underlay and even structural damage. The damage can add up very quickly if action isn’t taken promptly after flooding occurs & other problems may arise in the future if not treated promptly! Not only is property / asset damage an issue, The health risks that wet carpet can impose is far more serious and needs to be dealt with professionally and efficiently. We can also complete work for any insurance company on behalf of you.

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What Makes Port Crystal Cleaners different?

We understand the urgency when it comes to flood damage and restoration in Port Macquarie. We not only offer a 24/7 emergency service when it comes to flood damage, We will also guarantee that we will attend the property & complete our initial inspection within 1-2 Hours. We use state of the art restoration equipment to ensure that your house is back to normal with minimal fuss and disruption.

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Flood Damage & Restoration Procedure:

Inspection & Assessment - First of all we thoroughly inspect & assess the damage. We also take photographic evidence of the water damage & flooded areas for insurance purposes

Underlay - Pending our initial assessment, The underlay may need to be removed. In this case we remove the underlay so that the subfloor & carpet backing may be dried efficiently and safely.

Water Removal & Extraction - Secondly we use our state of the art equipment to extract as much of the moisture as possible. We do this from the both sides of the carpet to maximize the results.

Treatment - Before the drying process can be completed we need to treat the carpet to ensure that it doesn’t pose any health risks. Wet carpet & underlay can be extremely unhygienic and needs to be treated with the correct Anti-Microbial chemistry to ensure that mould/mildew and bacteria is eliminated.

Drying - Once the water has been removed, We then re assess the situation. If the majority of  the water has been extracted, We then provide Air Movers which will rapidly increase the drying process. We may also use a commercial grade dehumidifier to speed up the drying process if required.

Cleaning -  Once all of the above steps have been completed we will clean & sanitize the carpet as per normal process to remove any remaining contaminants that may still be present.



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