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Port Crystal Cleaners is Port Macquarie’s trusted Leather Cleaning Company. We use a safe, no mess,This is a safe, no mess cleaning procedure that ensure that your leather is returned back to its original state!

Our leather cleaning specialists will have the facilities to remove stains, odors and allergens while protecting your leather furniture’s integrity.

Unlike some other companies, Port Crystal Cleaners will apply a Leather Protectant after cleaning which will enhance the look of the leather and also repel dirt, grime & stains.

You can trust Port Crystal Cleaners for your leather cleaning needs!


Some of the benefits of cleaning your leather upholstery

  • Increases the life of the fabric
  • To retain or return the leather to its original state
  • Removes dirt, grime & stains


Leather Cleaning Procedure

First of all our professional leather cleaning technician will inspect the leather to identify any  stains or damage.

Once this has been completed our leather cleaning professional will apply a shampoo to the leather, agitating the shampoo with a soft brush / cloth to ensure even coverage and sufficient agitation.

Now that the leather has been cleaned, We remove all of the shampoo from the fabric.

We then apply a leather protectant to the surface using a soft cloth. This will increase the life of the leather and prevent dirt, grime and stains building up on the fabric.


leather cleaners port macquariePort Crystal Cleaners cleans all types of Leather upholstered furniture, including:

  • Dining room chairs
  • Arm chairs
  • Leather Recliners
  • Leather Sofas & Couches
  • Car interiors


Main Causes of Leather Deterioration

From creamy whites & rich dark blacks to bright retro colours, leather furniture can come in many forms. Some of the regular household causes of damage and deterioration to leather furniture include:

  • Oils & Grease – This can include oils from humans or animals, which is easily transferred upon sitting or touching the furniture.
  • Soils & Dust – Dust, which is going to occur in even the cleanest homes, deposits into the leather, eventually breaking down the material.
  • Dirt, Grime & Soils – This could include dirt from the outside and other common soils you come in contact with throughout the day.
  • Dyes & Inks – Dyes or inks from clothing, Newspapers and other things can not only stain the leather, It can break down the leather and cause damage over time.


How can I prevent leather deterioration?

The best and most effective way of preventing the deterioration of leather is by using Port Crystal Cleaners – The Leather Cleaning Experts! Because most of these common causes will occur at some point, the only way to keep your leather looking good as new is to hire a team of professionals to clean your items regularly. Port Crystal Cleaners can professionally and efficiently provide cleaning services to suit any household or commercial application.


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