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Port Crystal Cleaners specializes in Tile & Grout Cleaning in the Port Macquarie Area. If your Tiles & Grout are looking old, dirty and discoloured then our tile cleaning solution is right for you! The equipment that we use to clean the Tile & Grout is state of the art & once completed will leave your Tiles looking like brand new! Regular mopping and cleaning will help to remove some of the surface dirt from your tiles, but in heavy use areas they will still need a deeper clean to keep the tiles & grout looking clean and fresh. Whether you are a residential customer or a large commercial customer, Port Crystal Cleaners is the perfect choice to restore your Tiles & Grout back to new!


Tile Cleaning Procedure

First of all we thoroughly inspect the tiled surface to ensure that we can confidently clean the Tiles & Grout to our high standards.
Once the inspection has been completed we then mop a tile cleaning solution onto the floor which assists in penetrating the grout to ensure a thorough clean can be done. Once the solution has been on the tiles for several minutes, We scrub all the area’s that our tile cleaning machine won’t be able to reach. We also agitate all of the grout lines to ensure an even result. We then use up to 2500psi ( Depending on the Tile & Grout ) to effectively High Pressure Wash the surface. One of the Benefits of cleaning the Tiles & Grout in this way is that the surface is cleaned thoroughly & evenly. Our equipment also vacuums up all of the excess / dirty water as we go along which  ensures that the job isn’t leaving a mess.
Once the tiles have been washed, We then mop the floor with a neutral cleaning solution which removes any residue from the cleaning products & also leaves your floor Clean, Neutral & looking like new!
We now also have the option to seal your tiles & grout for an additional fee. This will keep your tiles and grout cleaner for much longer! Ask us how we can do this for you today.

We can also perform the same Tile Cleaning procedure on concrete paths, driveways etc.

Grout Color Sealing



If your grout is beyond cleaning and requires some magic to bring it back to new, Then we can help you! This solution is permanent and lasts up to 15 years if maintained correctly. It will provide an even finish and make routine cleaning a breeze. There are over 20 colors to choose from and looks fantastic in Bathrooms!

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Feel free to visit our Cleaning Gallery to see why Port Crystal Cleaners is Port Macquarie’s Professional Choice for tile cleaning.

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